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Movement Control & Neuroplasticity Research Group


Lifecycle:1 Oct 2005 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The Movement Control & Neuroplasticity Research Group consists of the following two reseach units, each with their own research focus:

1) The primary focus of Motor Control Laboratory is to understand the principles underlying control of human movement with special emphasis on coordination and cognitively demanding motor tasks in association with sensory processing. Furthermore, we have developed a long-standing interest in skill acquisition and the neurobehavioral changes that occur as a result of practice.

2) The Research Unit Perception and Performance studies  performance and learning aspects of motor skills. The research lines are situated in both fundamental and applied areas, covering perceptuo-motor behaviour in young and older adults, novice vs. expert performance and healthy vs. pathological behaviour.

Keywords:Brain connectivity, Brain stimulation
Disciplines:Human movement and sports sciences