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Molecular Imaging and Radiology (MIRA)

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Jan 2019 →  Today
Organisation profile:The research of MIRA involves following research tracks:1. Radiotracer developmentThe radiopharmacy team develops and optimizes radiotracers (small molecule based as well as protein and polymer based). This research includes the development of activity based probes and tracer design for imaging of cell death and the tumor microenvironment. Furthermore, they produce research and routine tracers to support the preclinical neuroimaging and clinical research of the group.2. OncologyThe oncology research team has expertise with various subcutaneous and orthotopic animal models for breast, colorectal and lung cancer both under chemotherapeutic and radiotherapy treatment in normoxic and hypoxic conditions. Furthermore, a range of in vitro and in vivo preclinical imaging studies are performed as pilot experiments for clinical trials. In collaboration with the departments of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, MIRA participates in multiple academic and industry sponsored studies3. NeurosciencesThis research division works on the development and validation of innovative PET and MR Imaging Biomarkers for neurodegeneration (Alzheimer and Huntington).Within MICA also the role of glutamatergic signaling and novel treatment paradigm in mood disorders are investigated. The group has years of experience with pharmacological neuromodulation and a number of preclinical neurostimulation techniques.Within radiology there is a strong focus on quantitative assessment of brain plasticity and traumatic brain imaging 4. Engineering and modellingMICA is internationally recognized as competence center in image formation and image processing with a strong focus on PET quantification, dynamic imaging and pharmacokinetic modeling. They have established motion tracking and correction algorithms for scanning awake small animals in small bore size PET scanners. Radiology (in collaboration with the spin-off Icometrix) is a world leader in quantitative MR imaging for brain studies.
Disciplines:Medical imaging and therapy