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Media, policy and culture

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Oct 2003 →  Today
Organisation profile:The group combines research in two major fields, on the one hand media & popular culture and, on the other hand, media structures and policy, which are studied in conjunction. The aim is to combine the analysis of media & popular culture, i.e. the meanings, uses and interpretations attached to media products and studied through a combination of production, content and reception analysis, with the analysis of media structure, i.e. the layout of the media and ICT market with its economic and political dynamics, its stakeholders and government policy. The group unites studies into different media (TV, radio, film, magazines, newspapers, ICT, games…) with a focus on popular culture (e.g. TV fiction, celebrity culture etc.) and journalism. It further incorporates multi-method research, with a focus on - but not restricted to - qualitative and interpretive methods and combines a social scientific focus on rigorous, systematic and empirically based research with a more humanities-oriented cultural and media studies focus on interpretation and deep understanding through critical analysis.Regarding media and popular culture, we focus, first, on the link between production and content to study representational issues, including nation and ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, environmental risk and celebrity culture. Second, linking representation to reception, work focuses on issues of identity formation in and through (interactive) media and popular culture, include new ways of media use, specific media users (such as ethnic minorities, gay/queer audiences and the elderly), and reception of specific content (such as environmental news reception and celebrity social profit endorsement) .Media policy studies focus on challenges to existing mass media models, following digitisation, convergence and changing media-state relations (multilevel governance, new public management) (Van den Bulck on new business and governance models for old and new media). Special expertise and focus is on public service broadcasting and journalism.
Disciplines:Communication sciences, Journalism and professional writing, Media studies