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Mechanical Engineering Technology, Bruges Campus

Technology Cluster

Lifecycle:1 Jan 2013 →  31 Jul 2020
Organisation profile:

The Mechanical Engineering Technology Cluster groups research and service-to-society in the field of Mechanical Engineering at the different engineering Technology Campuses of KU Leuven. Its activities are typically application-driven or application-oriented, and can rely on:

  • a strong integration within the KU Leuven Mechanical Engineering Department, hence realising a true research continuum from concept-driven to application oriented research;
  • a strong network with the industrial and services sector, which secures the position of the technology cluster as a liaison between industry and concept-driven academic research. The cluster develops structural relationships with both “technology leader” and “technology adopter” companies.
  • presence at 6 intensively cooperating campuses spread across Flanders
  • close collaboration with other disciplines hence addressing multi-disciplinary research problems faced by today's companies.
Keywords:Mechanical Engineering
Disciplines:Other engineering and technology