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Materials Characterisation


Main organisation:Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Lifecycle:16 Mar 2022 →  Today
Organisation profile:
This core facility unites the extended and internationally unique position of VUB in terms of materials characterization techniques. The facility provides a collection of analytical tools, backed by long standing expertise of the participating research groups, that makes the characterization possible of all types of materials, going from organic (such as polymers, biological tissue, bones-teeth) to inorganic materials (metals, ceramics, rocks, water…) and any composites and hybrid interfaces thereof. These techniques provide insights from the macro- to the nanoscale, focusing on bulk and individual phases as well as surface properties and compositional mapping at high-resolution.
The research group is founded and supported by three research groups: "Electrochemical and Surface Engineering, "Physical Chemistry and Polymer Science" and "Analytical, Environmental and Geo-Chemistry".
Disciplines:Surface engineering, Materials synthesis, Surface and interface chemistry, Metals and alloy materials, Structural analysis