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LUCAS - Centre for Care Research and Consultancy

Research Institute

Main organisation:Biomedical Sciences Group
Lifecycle:1 Jan 1989 →  Today
Organisation profile:

KU Leuven LUCAS, Centre for care research and consultancy
LUCAS is an interdisciplinary research centre of KU Leuven, active in the fields of care and welfare. Its mission is threefold: research, trainin g and consultancy. In all three areas, LUCAS brings together insights fr om policy, practice and research, and this in constant dialogue with all stakeholders. 
Over the past twenty years, LUCAS has specialise d in a number of crucial topics: social trends in care, care for the eld erly, mental healthcare, communication in care relationships, and welfar e, poverty and social exclusion.
The key objective of LUCAS is to imp rove quality of life by initiating and supporting innovations in care pr actice and policy. This objective is realized by thorough research that sets national and international standards, as well as by building bridge s between research, policy, and practice. A participative research model enables LUCAS to bring together all stakeholders and to initiate and st imulate collaborations. LUCAS encourages critical reflection, methodical action and a research-orientated mentality in the different care actors . Frequently, research reports and scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals are published. 
See: (URL:http://www.kuleuven.be/LUCAS) www.kuleuven.be/LUCAS

Keywords:old age, mental health, youngsters, dementia, psychiatric rehabilitation, social welfare
Disciplines:Social change, Social work, Other sociology and anthropology