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Linguistics Research Unit

Research Unit

Main organisation:Faculty of Arts
Lifecycle:1 Jan 2013 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The Department of Linguistics brings together the linguistic researchers in the Faculty of Arts. Next to studies of a generalor theoretical linguistic nature, research is mainly oriented towards Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and the classical languages. In disciplinary terms, all fields of linguistics are represented: grammar, semantics and pragmatics, diachronic linguistics and variational linguistics, and various kinds of applied linguistics (including language and education, translation studies, terminology). 

Research is organized in six research groups:

  • Functional and Cognitive Linguistics: Grammar and Typology: Functionele en Coginitieve Taalkunde: Grammatica en Typologie (FunC)
  • Language and Education: Taal en onderwijs (T&O)
  • Quantitative Lexicology and Variational Linguistics: Kwantitatieve Lexicologie en variatielinguïstiek (QLVL) 
  • Formal and Computational Linguistics: Formele en computationele Linguïstiek (ComForT)
  • Multimodality, Interaction and Discourse: Multimodaliteit, Interactie en Discours (MIDI)
  • Comparative, historical and applied linguistics: Comparatieve, Historische en Toegepaste Taalkunde (CoHisTal)
Disciplines:Linguistics, Theory and methodology of linguistics, Other languages and literary studies, Literary studies, Theory and methodology of language studies, Language studies