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Leuven School for Mass Communication Research

Research Unit

Main organisation:Faculty of Social Sciences
Lifecycle:30 May 2001 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The Leuven School for Mass Communication Research studies the use of mass media, social media and ICT, and how these media may harm or enhance an individual’s wellbeing. In our research, we describe the relationship between exposure to information and entertainment media and various components of individuals’ wellbeing, and develop theoretical insight into the underlying mechanisms of these media effects. Our work draws on, and strives to contribute to, the most advanced techniques and insights available in communication studies, cognitive and developmental psychology, sociology, and public health. The School’s ultimate intent is to inspire key players and stakeholders in society as well as individuals and their families with robust evidence on both adverse and beneficial effects of media and with a sound understanding of how media can be employed to achieve goals of social relevance. Issues studied in recent years include alcohol and drug abuse, sexuality and sexism, aggression, fear of crime, fear of sexual violence, road safety, depression, body image, sleep, and nutrition. The School adheres to the highest academic standards and strives towards publishing its research in top academic journals in various disciplines. We also aim at contributing to national and international multidisciplinary research projects with societal relevance. The School is committed to guiding PhD students towards high international standards, as well as teaching undergraduate students towards a deep understanding of communication processes and media psychology.

Keywords:Mass Communication
Disciplines:Communication sciences, Journalism and professional writing, Media studies, Other media and communications, Information sciences