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Leuven Materials Research Centre

Research Unit

Lifecycle:1 Dec 2008  →  Today
Organisation profile:

Central objective for all Leuven Materials Research Centre (LMRC) research lines is the understanding of structure-properties relations and their influence on synthesis and processing. Hence the research is based on advanced materials characterization, novel materials synthesis and applied materials modeling.

The six research lines of LMRC are:

  • tailored nanosystems
  • functional surfaces
  • polymer nanocomposites
  • biobased polymers
  • sustainable inorganic materials management - SIM┬▓
  • engineering of metals & ceramics, particles and films
  • advanced characterization methods
  • multiscale computational materials science
Keywords:Materials, Nanotechnology
Disciplines:Ceramic and glass materials, Materials science and engineering, Semiconductor materials, Other materials engineering