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Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Leukemia (VIB-KU Leuven)


Lifecycle:1 Jan 2008 →  Today
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The Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Leukemia tries to understand the genetic complexity of leukemia, with the aim to use that information to develop novel treatment strategies.

Leukemia is a genetically complex disease that is characterized by the accumulation of abnormal blood cells. The leukemia cells often harbor chromosomal defects and additional more sublte changes (mutations) in their genome. This information is used for diagnostic purposes and for risk stratification of leukemia patients, which has significantly improved the long term outcome. These genetic changes are also the cause of functional changes in the leukemia cells. A better understanding of these deregulated signaling pathways in leukemia has led to the development of novel targeted therapies that are more effective and less toxic.

The aim of our projects is to characterize the genetic complexity of leukemia, and to improve our understanding of how oncogenes cooperated with each other during leukemia development and progression. These insights can lead to the development of improved therapeutic strategies.

Keywords:human genetics
Disciplines:Systems biology