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Laboratory of Interneuron Developmental Dynamics (VIB-KU Leuven)


Lifecycle:1 Jan 2020 →  Today
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Information processing in the brain depends on specialized circuits that are formed by distinct types of neurons. How these different nerve cells emerge and mature during development remains a fundamental question in neurobiology. We are interested to define at single-cell resolution the metabolic and transcriptomic programmes that shape neuronal diversity and circuit assembly in the developing mammalian cortex. Our research focuses primarily on GABAergic cortical neurons since they are one of the most diverse cell types in the brain and play multifaceted roles in controlling principal pyramidal neurons and fine-tune network computation. We employ an interdisciplinary approach to our work that combines mouse genetics, virus tracing, cell fate-mapping, metabolomics, and single-cell RNA sequencing, with cutting-edge imaging techniques and bioinformatics to define how developmental programmes influence cortical circuit formation.

Keywords:GABAergic inhibitory neurons, cortical circuits, Brain development
Disciplines:Molecular and cell biology, Neurosciences