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Laboratory of Chemical Biology


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The Laboratory of Chemical Biology develops and applies small molecule tools that covalently modify proteins according to a certain trait. We particularly focus on molecules named activity-based probes. These react with active enzymes within a whole proteome and enable a read-out by SDS-PAGE, mass spectrometry, fluorescence spectroscopy or microscopy. Besides probe development, we focus on several protease families including the intramembrane rhomboid proteases. Using chemical techniques, we aim to get insight into the biochemical mechanism and biological function, and elucidate whether these enzymes may be used as a future target for drug development. Our approach is interdisciplinary in nature and uses synthetic organic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell culture and proteomics.

Keywords:Chemical Biology, Proteases, Activity-based protein profiling, Chemical probes
Disciplines:Biochemistry and metabolism, Medical biochemistry and metabolism, Systems biology, Organic chemistry