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Interfaculty Centre for Biomedical Ethics and Law

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1995 →  Today
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The activities of the Centre for Bio-Medical Ethics and Law (part of the Faculty of medicine, but with an interdisciplinary structure), are - besides teaching and documentation - mainly directed towards research.The expertise of the Centre spans a wide variety of disciplines including ethics, law, philosophy and theology and close links are maintained with various medical and care disciplines. The staff is composed of senior academic researchers including post-docs and junior researchers in the different disciplines. Research is organized along 5 interdisciplinary research lines: ethical, legal and social aspects of genet ics and genomics; ethical and legal approaches of elderly care and end-of-life care; ethical and legal issues in organ donation and transplantation; research ethics and ethics of research; and the legal regulation of the healthcare profe ssions, both in European and comparative law. The following projects are being developed : - Parent-child relationship and Developments in Clinical Genetics - Ethical Implications of Human Genome Analysis for Clinical Practice in Medical Genetics with Special Reference to Genetic Counselling. - Human Genome, Body, Identity and Property : Philosophical Issues. - L'Ethique Biomédicale en Europe : inventaire, analyse, information. - Persistent Vegetative State. Moral and Legal Aspects of the treatment and Health Care of PVS Patients. - Influences of Prenatal Diagnosis on Social Attitudes concerning the Handicapped. - A Philosophical, Anthropological and Theological Study of the Status of the Embryo. - Nursing ethics. A Foundational Inquiry. - Ethics Committees : Ethical and Legal Regulations, and the Boundaries of Moral Rationality. A Meta-Ethical Approach to Medical Ethics, taken as 'Applied Ethics'. - Gene Carrier Detection : from Bioethical and Medical-Legal Problems towards Solutions (inthe light of the experience with Cystic Fibrosis and Huntington Disease). - Ethical and Theological Study of the Care for the Elderly in General and of Senile Dementia in Particular. - Review of Existing Medical Data Protection Legislation and Development of a Health Informatics Deontology Code. - The Regulation of Clinical Trials. Towards a Specific Protection of the Trial Subject. - The Protection of the Embryo and the Fetus. A Legal Analysis. - The use of Medical Data for Research Purposes. - Analysis of Bioethical Legislation in France. - Ethical and Legal Aspects of Medical Decision Making concerning the End of Life.- Critical Choices in Health Care. - Innovations in Organ Transplantation : Ethical and Legal Aspects. - European Network for Biomedical Ethics. Ethical Problems of In Vitro Fertilisation with particular regard to its connection with genetic diagnosis and therapy.

Keywords:Medical ethics, Professional ethics, Applied ethics, Medical law, Bioethics
Disciplines:Evolutionary biology, General biology, Social medical sciences, Other philosophy, ethics and religious studies not elsewhere classified, Theory and methodology of philosophy, Philosophy, Ethics