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Instructional Psychology and Technology

Main organisation:Education and Training
Lifecycle:1 Aug 2011 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The CIP&T investigates learning and teaching in specific subject domains, esp. in mathematics. Emphasis is put on the role of cognitive, metacognitive as well as affective variables in the teaching/learning process. This research takes place in ecologically valid settings and uses a diversity of quantitative and qualitative methods, including design experiments aimed at the construction and validation of powerful learning environments. In the development and validation of these learning environments, the role of ICT receives special attention.

Keywords:Teacher Education, Subject-matter didactics, Instructioinal Design, Instructional Technology, Instructional Psychology
Disciplines:Education curriculum, Biological and physiological psychology, General psychology, Other psychology and cognitive sciences, Developmental psychology and ageing, Animal experimental and comparative psychology, Applied psychology, Human experimental psychology, Instructional sciences