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Institute of Jewish Studies

Research Group

Main organisation:Department of Literature
Lifecycle:1 Oct 2003 →  Today
Organisation profile:The core mission of the research unit at the "Institute of Jewish Studies" at the University of Antwerp is located in the establishment of an interdisciplinary, internationally embedded research center, focusing on Jewish Studies in the broadest sense of the concept and approaching this research era from a multitude of perspectives and methodologies. In order to realise this mission, the Institute of Jewish Studies hosts and executes scientific research and provides academic and professional services through the institutionalisation of (post)academic education (minor in Jewish Studies for BA in the Humanities, language courses, series of lectures) and through the organisation of lectures, conferences, seminars and workshops. The Institute endeavours openness and diversity, both in its approaches and its aims. The Institute of Jewish Studies envisages itself as a forum for interaction between various scientific disciplines in interdisciplinary research, between the university and heterogeneous groups in society. The field of productive tension within which the Institute deploys its activities, is determined by the interest in and attention for a particular, historically formed life style and culture on the one hand and by the determination to give space to this interest within an academic context on the other. An important dimension of the research efforts within the Institutes materialises in the contractual research executed by PhD or postdoctoral students.
Disciplines:Curatorial and related studies, History, Other history and archaeology, Theory and methodology of literary studies, Theory and methodology of philosophy, Philosophy, Other philosophy, ethics and religious studies not elsewhere classified, Art studies and sciences, Artistic design, Audiovisual art and digital media, Heritage, Music, Theatre and performance, Visual arts , Other arts, Product development, Study of regions