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Industrial Vision Lab (InViLab)

Research Group

Main organisation:Electromechanics
Lifecycle:1 Oct 2013 →  Today
Organisation profile:The InViLab research group focuses on the use of camera and laser based inspection techniques. We apply these optical techniques in a wide range of application areas: quality control, smart health, pollution monitoring, heritage conservation and sustainable materials. The main InViLab research themes are: - Camera control and fusion: we select and combine camera technologies best suited for a specific application (e.g. infrared and hyperspectral, 3D cameras and laser vibrometry). - Image processing: we use state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to extract relevant information from images and sensor signals (material properties, faults, damage, etc.). - Integration of cameras on mobile platforms (like drones, robots and vehicles).
Disciplines:Sensors, biosensors and smart sensors, Mechatronics and robotics