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Husserl-Archives: Centre for Phenomenology and Continental Philosophy

Research Unit

Main organisation:Institute of Philosophy
Lifecycle:1 Jan 1995 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The Husserl Archives in Leuven is responsible for the publication of the philosophical work of Edmund Husserl.The chief mission of the Archives remains research into and documentation of Husserl's estate. The Archives receives visitors from around the world interested in consulting Husserl's manuscripts, or the extensive Phenomenology library of the research centre

1. Critical edition of E. Husserl's philosophical legacy (1859- 1938); reconstruction and edition of Husserl's lectures and research-manuscripts on logic, theory of knowledge, ethics, theory of science, methodology of phenomenological philosophy; historical research on the systematical development of Husserl's thought. Husserl's influence on 20th century continental thought (published in the series Husserliana-Gesammelte Werke and Dokumente). Current projects : critical edition of lectures on ethics; edition of research manuscripts on the problem of time; edition of research manuscripts on emotion and volition; publication of historical studies in phenomenology in the series 'Phaenomenologica'; translation of Husserl's original texts (English translations in the series 'Edmund Husserl-Collected Works'), transcription and completion of sets of correspondence and scientific documents of and on Husserl. 2. Freedom and transparency. An exemplary reading of Husserl's philosophy. 3. The theory of action in its relation to a 'moral agency' and to the problem of objectivity in moral judgments. 4. The philosophy of B. Spinoza and D. Hume and the influence of their ideas on contemporary philosophical thought. 5. The crisis of rationality. 6. Organization of colloquia (national and international) and seminars on topics in the field of modern and contemporary philosophy

Keywords:history of modern philosophy
Disciplines:Theory and methodology of philosophy, Philosophy