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Health and Water Technology

Research Group

Main organisation:University College Ghent
Lifecycle:21 Sep 2020 →  Today
Organisation profile:to be added
Keywords:Phagetherapy, q-PCR, eDNA based biomonitoring, respirometry, water quality, water re-use
Disciplines:Sustainable chemistry, Microbiology, Aquatic sciences, challenges and pollution , Laboratory medicine, Bioinformatics and computational biology, Microbial diagnostics, Molecular diagnostics, Drug discovery and development, Clinical microbiology, Ecotoxicology, Metagenomics, Environmental chemistry, Environmental monitoring, Environmental management, Natural resource management, Water supply and demand, Modelling, simulation and optimisation, (Bio)chemical reactors, Process control , Separation and membrane technologies, (Waste)water treatment processes, Recycling, Environmental engineering and biotechnology, Genetics, Molecular and cell biology, Bioinformatics data integration and network biology