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Growth and Development

Research Group

Main organisation:Research Council
Lifecycle:29 Jun 2011 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The establishment of this research group aims to group and structure research into the growth and development of healthy and chronically ill children. Growth and development should be viewed in broad terms, ie both physically, psychologically, and development of maturity and (medical) responsibilities.
This research of the group focuses on the following four sub-areas with following researchers as ZAP:

1. Intestinal mucosa integrity and motorism: Y. Vandenplas (responsible) & G Veereman-Wauters
2. Bone growth and mineralization: J. The Creator (responsible)
3. Longmucosa integrity and immunity: Anne Malfroot (responsible)
4. Development of the immune system: Jutte van der Werf at Bosch
5. Evolution of patient rights in function of age: Michel Deneyer (responsible)

Keywords:Growth, Children, Development, Chronical Disease
Disciplines:Other biological sciences