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Geography Unit (AARD)

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970  →  31 Dec 1999
Organisation profile:

see units FARD en MARD-Topic A : Study of slope processes, soil erosion and soil erosion mapping (Prof. M. Van Molle) -Topic B : Global Change: environmental research, climatology and climatic change, climatic and glacier modelling -Topic C : Antarctic research, Antarctic climatology and geomorphology -Topic D : Cartography and geographic information systems, theory of map projections, mapping technique, geographic information systems, environmental mapping -Topic E : Geography of health and health care ; spatial patterns of health indicators on a global, national and regional scale ; health care planning (Y. Verhasselt) -Topic F : health, environment and development (Y. Verhasselt) -Topic G : demographic change and regional development inMorocco (Y. Verhasselt, W. De Lannoy) -Topic H : Dynamics of the Brussels urban region (W. De Lannoy) -Topic I : spatial planning - environmental impact assessment (W. De Lannoy, Y. Verhasselt)

Keywords:Geography Of Housing, Urban And Regional, Environmental Planning, Tourism And Deve, Tourism And Development, Physical Geography, Geography Of Health And Health Care, Urban And Regional Planning, Developing Countries, Climatology, Cartography
Disciplines:Mathematical sciences, Earth sciences, Social and economic geography