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General and Organic Chemistry


Main organisation:Faculty of Engineering
Lifecycle:1 Oct 1969 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The department AOSC mainly develops research in the areas of: 1. Organometallic Chemistry: Synthesis and characterisation of organotin compounds with potential anti-cancer activity. Structure determination (M. Gielen); 2. High Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Synthesis and characterisation of organotin polymers for applications in anion recognition and catalysis through advanced structure elucidation by multinuclear and multidimensional NMR spectroscopy (R. Willem & M. Biesemans).

Keywords:Nmr Characterization Of Organotin Compou, Multinuclear Nmr, Antitumour Activity, Organometallics, Chemotherapy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Two-Dimensional Nmr, Anti Tumour Drugs, Cancer, Stereochemistry, Interactions Between Dna (Fragments) And, Tin-Containing Polymers, Organotins, Tin-Based Organotin Compounds
Disciplines:Morphological sciences, Biochemistry and metabolism, Analytical chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Condensed matter physics and nanophysics, Organic chemistry