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Faculty of Canon Law


Lifecycle:1 Jan 1960 →  Today
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How to start research?

First one needs to get introduced in the focus and methodology of the particular discipline. Studies at the Faculty of Canon Law focusses on the law of religions and canon law. In order to do so, different disciplines are used, like there are: legal methodology, theology, philosophy, sociology and organization management. Each of these has their own focus and particular methodology.

In order to get introduced in the way of working of a particular discipline, one needs to read introductory study books or take introductory courses. Beside of the focus and methodology, it is also important to get familiar with the different subdisciplines as most the organization of libraries and databases is based on the organization of the discipline itselves. This introduction(s) therefore will help to find your way through the world of scientific resources.

This Wiki on Canon Law can help to get introduced in the science of canon Law.

Keywords:Church and State Relationships, Canon law
Disciplines:Theology and religious studies