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Faculty of Architecture and Arts


Main organisation:Hasselt University
Lifecycle:1 May 2013 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The faculty ARK organizes education, research and services in the disciplines of architecture and interior architecture on the one hand, research and services within the arts on the other hand. She acts within the academic context and values of the University of Hasselt.

The faculty, for its part, wants to offer a proper context to its students as well as to its teachers and researchers in order to enable all parties to develop themselves to a level of excellence in an international context and with a clear social responsibility in mind. The interaction between practice ( skill and creativity) and reflection
(concept and programme) plays a crucial role in achieving this goal. This interaction is led by a thorough contextualization and with a clear sense of purpose.

The Faculty considers interdisciplinarity, both internally and externally, of paramount importance.

Keywords:Architecture, Media, Arts and Design, Arts
Disciplines:Other engineering and technology, Architecture, Interior architecture, Visual arts, Other humanities and the arts