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Faculty of Architecture


Lifecycle:1 Oct 2012  →  Today
Organisation profile:

The specific research profile of the Faculty of Architecture (Architecture, Interior Architecture, Urban Planning and Spatial Design, Interior Design) is fully in line with its educational focus. In all our academic educational master programs the major focus is on design activity and the designerly thinking. Strongly future-driven, it seeks alternatives and employs imaginative power. It examines possibilities, deviating from the known and the ruling, opening up towards renewed research questions. The materiality of the architectural, interior architectural and urban design itself is the instrument with which spatial, but also social and cultural questions are examined.

The research at the Faculty of Architecture has a transdisciplinary nature and uses a wide range of appropriate modes, methods and strategies to generate fundamental knowledge, insights and understanding. The limits of the discipline of architecture are explored in a spirit of intellectual openness. Spatial intelligence and critical development of space in relation to the social and the human, are seen as the core subject of the research activities. This results in the fact that research can incorporate values, qualities, standards and judgments.

Disciplines:Architectural engineering, Architecture, Interior architecture, Architectural design, Art studies and sciences