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Lifecycle:1 Feb 2017 →  Today
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The Estuaries team conducts research and monitoring work in estuaries and their valleys to support ecological aspects of policy on these areas. The ecology of estuaries is central to the accumulation of systemic knowledge, monitoring, the formation of an ecological vision and the development of policy instruments and assessment frameworks. We share the results as widely as possible in reports, advisory papers and scientific publications.
Flemish and international policies recognise the intrinsic value of biodiversity and ecosystems. Only robust and well-functioning ecosystems can serve social functions sustainably. The Estuaries team aims to investigate the functioning of estuarine ecosystems in the Flemish and international context. The team’s focus is on spatial and temporal developments in the system and the interrelationship between organisms and between organisms and their environment. By mapping patterns and mechanisms, we seek to identify factors that can improve the functioning of the ecosystem through adapted management or policies. The ecosystem expertise that is acquired is used to improve the assessment frameworks and steer the formation of an ecological vision regarding estuaries and their valleys.