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Emergency Medicine


Main organisation:UZBrussel
Lifecycle:1 Jan 2008 →  Today
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The Emergency Department at UZ Brussel is a multidisciplinary service which has grown to become one of the country’s largest emergency units since the hospital’s launch in 1977.  Each year, some 60,000 patients (including ¼ children) suffering from various conditions are examined and treated.  The department collaborates closely with all the hospital’s medical departments and centres of excellence, referring physicians and specialists from other hospitals. 

In addition, the Emergency Department at UZ Brussel can call on 37 medical specialties, a 24/7 functioning operations ward and six departments for intensive medicine.  When caring for sick children, the Emergency Department works closely with all the services of the Children’s Hospital, in particular the Departments for Intensive Paediatric Care and Neonatology.

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