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Dynamical Systems, Signal Processing and Data Analytics (STADIUS)

Lifecycle:1 Aug 2020 →  Today
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The Stadius Center for Dynamical Systems, Signal Processing, and Data Analytics (STADIUS) is an academic research center, with a research focus on mathematical engineer- ing, where mathematical tools from numerical linear and multi-linear algebra, statistics and optimization are used for applications of dynamical systems and control, signal processing, data modeling and analytics. STADIUS offers recognized expertise in diverse application fields such as industrial automation, audio and speech communication, digital communications, biomedical signal and data processing, and bio-informatics.

Keywords:Data analytics, Bio-Informatics, Machine learning, Systems identification, Numerical linear and multi-linear algebra, Systems theory, Signal processing, Automation
Disciplines:Mechatronics and robotics, Modelling, Scientific computing, Other information and computing sciences, Computer architecture and networks, Information sciences, Programming languages, Signal processing, Applied mathematics in specific fields, Biological system engineering, Information systems, Theoretical computer science, Visual computing, Control systems, robotics and automation, Design theories and methods, Computer theory