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Division of Soil and Water Management

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1995 →  31 Jul 2020
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Characterization of the soil-to-plant transfer of solutes based on formal plantphysiological and soil physicochemical relations. Quantification and process description of the N2O fluxes from soils. Development of terrestrial ecotoxicity tests based on soil microbial activity. Phosphate fixation and phosphate saturation in sandy soils. Dynamics of soil organic matter in improved cropping systems for the tropics. Biological nitrogen fixation in tropical farming systems. Formulations of fertilizer advices for both temperate and tropical farming systems, the simulation of decomposition and mineralization processes in soil, the development of methods to quantify soil microbial biomass and activity, the evaluation of ecotoxicological effects of xenobiotics on the biological activity of soils, the measurement of gaseous nitrogen losses in the field. The isolation and utilization of plant growth promoting bacteria, the carrying out of soil-, plant- and microbial analyses and the interpretation of the results.

Keywords:Soil fertility, Soil Microbiology, Ecotoxicology, Biological availability, Soil-to-plant transfer, Soil organic matter
Disciplines:Soil sciences, challenges and pollution, Agriculture, land and farm management