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Division Animal and Human Health Engineering

Lifecycle:1 Aug 2015 →  31 Jul 2020
Organisation profile:

The Division Animal and Human Health Engineering (A2H) is a new division within the Department of Biosystems at KU Leuven consisting of a transdisciplinary team of researchers who are active in the field of animal and human health engineering.

The mission of A2H is stated as follows:

  • Perform cutting edge research for improving health, welfare and productivity of individual living organisms (animals and humans) by:
    • developing new process knowledge (genomics, (epi)genetics, nutrition, immunology,  physiology, bio-environment)
    • integrating process knowledge with real-time process management technology
  • Teach and continuously educate people how to improve animal and human health by applying biosystems technology to animal and human systems
  • Create added value for animal and human health engineering by valorisation of research output with stakeholders

Key in the overall approach of A2H is that we develop technology for managing animal and human health processes starting from process knowledge: “from biology to technology”.

In order to realise this approach, the division A2H is organised in several complementary laboratories/expertise domains that focus on different components of the A2H scheme. The biology component is covered by the laboratories of Livestock Genetics, Gene Technology, Host Pathogen Interactions, Nutrition and Health and Livestock Physiology. The managing technology component is developed by the laboratory Measure, Model & Manage Bioresponses (M3-BIORES).  

The research performed at the division A2H has resulted in the creation of several spin-offs and patent licensing.The following spin-offs were started (in chronological order): BioRICS, SoundTalks and Aqua4C. Patents were licensed to Fancom BV, Petersime NV and Lysando AG.


Keywords:engineering, bio-environment, (epi)genetics, process monitoring and control, genomics, physiology, nutrition, animal production
Disciplines:Signal processing, Biological system engineering, Agricultural animal production, Animal biology