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Developmental and Lifespan Psychology


Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970  →  Today
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The main fundamental and applied research activities within the department of developmental and life span psychology focus on different stages of human development from birth to old age, with specific interest for the multidimensional analyses of coping behaviour. Not only the different aspects of the personal developmental process, such as cognitive, neuropsychological and social development, but also the dynamics of intergenerational value transmission are studied. Within the context of normal and dysfunctional developmental processes, the creation of objective psychodiagnostical methods is an important research topic. Empirical research on problems related to education and other specific projects address social relevant topics such as lesbian motherhood, school curriculum evaluation systems, adolescent drug and delinquency problems, and driving ability of the elderly.

Keywords:(I)Lliteracy, Juvenile Delinquency, Family Violence, Life Span Psychology,, Socialisation In Non-Traditional Family, Psychodiagnostic Methods For Children, Family Assessment
Disciplines:Developmental psychology and ageing