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Department of Veterinary and Biosciences


Lifecycle:1 Jan 1993 →  Today
Organisation profile:The Laboratory of Ethology has the task of contributing, through basic as well as applied research, to knowledge about animal behavior and animal welfare in general. First and foremost, how and why abnormal behavior develops in different types of experimental and companion animals.In the laboratory for animal genetics (LDG) molecular genetic techniques are performed for the genome analysis of pets, more specifically bovine, pig, sheep, goat, horse, dog and cat. These techniques are used both for basic research and for the diagnosis of hereditary disorders.Within the research group we can distinguish three research lines. The development and preclinical evaluation of therapeutic tumor vaccines for the treatment of cancer in companion animals, the development and preclinical evaluation of genetic vaccines for the prevention of viral zoonoses and finally production and in vivo optimization of targeted chemotherapy drug delivery systems.
Keywords:Veterinaire genetica, Veterinaire voeding, Veterinaire ethologie
Disciplines:Veterinary medicine