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Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology

Research Unit

Main organisation:Faculty of Social Sciences
Lifecycle:1 Oct 1997 →  Today
Organisation profile:

In the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, socio-cultural anthropologists conduct empirically driven investigations on the following themes: (1) "the making of lifeworlds" in the city, in a digitizing world, through migrant projects, through tourism and heritage, through ethical choices, and through popular culture; (2) "the life of relationships": people are embedded in a plurality of relationships, to others, to animals, plants, objects, machines, spiritual entities, etc. These relationships, continuously subject to change, nurture ideologies and practices of concern , intimacy, kinship, and society; (3) "movements": our research ranges from the embodied experience of individuals (in sports, e.g.) to broader, societal movements (e.g. migration and tourism). Sub-themes here are: diaspora, (im)mobility, borders, sport, cosmopolitanism, migration, etc.

Keywords:Migration, Minorities, Anthropology, Islam, Heritage, Tourism, Ethnography, Mobility