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Department of Neurosciences

Main organisation:Biomedical Sciences Group
Lifecycle:1 Jul 1977 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The mission of the Department of Neurosciences is to foster internationally renowned research of the central/peripheral nervous system, the senses, the mind and its disorders, and a high-end education of students and residents. Major areas of research are: central & peripheral nervous system - pathogenesis- diagnosis - treatment - molecular neuroscience - systems neuroscience- cognitive neuroscience - psychiatry - mental disorders - neurotraumatology - neurosurgery - neuroanatomy - neurology - neurodegenerative diseases - stroke - epilepsy - MS - visual cognition - auditory processes - auditory prostheses - speech, language & swallowing disorders - oto-rhino-laryngology - electrophysiology - behaviour - neurophysiology - ophthalmology - neurobiology - gene therapy

The Departement of Neurosciences is organized in 9 research groups: the Research Group Psychiatry; the Research Group Experimental Neurosurgery and Neuroanatomy; the Research Group Experimental Neurology; the Research Group Neurophysiology; the Research Group Ophthalmology; the Research Group Experimental Oto-rhino-laryngology; the Research Group for Neurobiology and Gene Therapy; the Interfaculty Institute for Family and Sexuality Studies and the Research Group Molecular Neurobiology (VIB-KU Leuven)

Keywords:Neurosciences, neurophysiology, neurobiology, psychiatry, neurology