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Department of Materials Engineering


Lifecycle:1 Jul 1977 →  Today
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The Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering (MTM: Metaalkunde en Toegepaste Materiaalkunde) is dedicated to both fundamental and application-oriented research in metals, ceramics, polymers, and in composite materials. Its strength lies in the multi-method approach at the levels of elaboration and processing, of characterization, and of evaluation of the functional behavior of materials. The aim is, starting from fundamental concepts, to understand the physical, mechanical, chemical and electrochemical behavior of a wide variety of engineering materials. This knowledge forms the basis for the development of new metallic materials, ceramics, polymers, metallic and non-metallic composites as well as the study and optimization of the related processing conditions. MTM is at the center of gravity of the materials R&D activities at the KU Leuven and operates within the Materials Research Center (MRC) of the KU Leuven. It offers a polyvalent education in materials science and engineering, at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate level. It operates in a multilingual environment, and attracts scientists from all over the world. Students' participation in the research activities is a substantial part of their training as materials engineers. The research of the Department has been structured in 6 research groups:1.Thermodynamics in materials engineering (P. Wollants, B. Blanpain) 2.Surface engineering (J.. Celis, M. De Bonte, J. Fransaer) 3.Advanced alloys & production processes (L. Froyen, L. Delaey, J. Van Humbeeck) 4.Deformation processing & mechanical behaviour of metals (B. Verlinden, E. Aenoudt, P. Van Houtte) 5.Composites and ceramics (I. Verpoest, O. Van Der Biest) 6.Materials Performance & nondestructive evaluation (P. De Meester, W. Bogaerts, M. Wevers).

Keywords:Metals, Materials, Functional Behaviour, Characterisation, Production, Composites, Ceramics
Disciplines:Ceramic and glass materials, Materials science and engineering, Semiconductor materials, Other materials engineering, Metallurgical engineering