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Department of Forest and water management


Lifecycle:1 Jan 1993 →  31 Dec 2017
Organisation profile:Current research focuses on a diversity of subjects.The research mission of the Forest & Nature Lab (ForNaLab) is to perform hypothesis-driven research on the mutual interactions between (forest) ecosystem structure, composition and diversity and (forest) ecosystem processes.The Laboratory of Forest Management and Spatial Information Techniques (FORSIT) is responsible for different projects in the dry and humid tropics dealing with monitoring and management of forest and natural resources by means of remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).The Laboratory of Hydrology and Water Management (LHWM) is mainly active in the field of developing hydrological models for water management purposes.Research at the Laboratory of Wood Technology (Woodlab) focuses on basic wood characteristics and wood quality, chemical wood protection and wood finishing, wood modification processes and the production and applications of wood composite materials.
Keywords:Bosbeheer, Waterbeheer
Disciplines:Forestry sciences, Geology, Aquatic sciences, challenges and pollution