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Department of Flow, heat and combustion mechanics


Lifecycle:1 Jan 1993  →  30 Jun 2019
Organisation profile:The research activities of the department are organized in different research groups, between which strong interactions exist: Fluid mechanics focuses on the development of numerical techniques and physical models for flow calculation. At Transport Engineering performs research on the use of alternative fuels for combustion. At Fire and fire safety the research is focused on developing models for numerical simulations of combustion and fire and fire safety. At Technical Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer the research is aimed at thermal energy conversion processes in order to improve the performance of thermal systems in the broad sense. In addition, research is conducted in transport technology and thermal energy for the industry. The department performs scientific services in every field of its scientific activities.
Keywords:Mechanica van stroming, Mechanica van verbranding, Mechanica van warmte
Disciplines:Thermodynamics, Transport phenomena