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Department of Environmental Building Performance (ZONE)

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970  →  31 Dec 1999
Organisation profile:

TOPIC A : Model Development and Model Validation (Van de Perre R.) non-empirical validation methodology empirical whole model validation methodology building energy simulation tests and diagnostic method software accreditation procedures design tools (simplified and detailed) TOPIC B : Simulation Technology for the Building Sector (Verstraete P.) appropriate use of building simulation tools training of young graduates in new technologies TOPIC C : Information Technology for the Building Sector (Van Doninck T.) design support environments knowledge based user interfaces TOPIC D : Pre-normative Research for the Building Sector (Van de Perre R.) CEN-TC89-WG6 CEN-TC89-WG4 TOPIC E : Component development - design optimisation - test procedures (Van de Perre R.) thermal dynamical behaviour analysis of building components definition and test-procedures for component thermal characteristics TOPIC F : Energy savings and Comfort evaluations in Buildings and Horticulture (Van Loeij J.) integration of solar energy systems in residential and office buildings, swimming pools, cattle sheds, ... (new built and renovation) design and control optimisation for conventional and renewable energy systems (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) energy audits / accounting and comfort evaluations energy demonstration projects for buildings and horticulture

Keywords:Environmental Performance, Pre-Normative Research, Information Technology, Model Validation, Model Development, Energy, Building Sector, Horticulture, Simulation Technology, Comfort
Disciplines:(Bio)chemical engineering, Electrical and electronic engineering, Civil and building engineering