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Department of Comparative sciences of culture


Lifecycle:1 Jan 1993 →  31 Oct 2021
Organisation profile:The research programme seeks to address the following challenges: How does one get beyond these constraints and develop alternative descriptions of the West and India? How can one conceptualize the Indian traditions in a way which shows their characteristic contribution to human knowledge, rather than making them into variants of biblical religion? How could one make sense of cultural differences and different cultures, if they are not variations on one single model of religion, society, law, ethics? What makes a difference into a cultural difference, rather than a biological, psychological or social difference? How does our understanding of human beings and societies change, once we see that cultures can differ in different ways? To address these issues, the research programme takes a unique entry point: the western descriptions of India are approached as expressions of the western culture and its experience of human beings and societies.
Keywords:Vergelijkende cultuurwetenschappen