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Department of Architecture

Lifecycle:1 Oct 1981 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The Department of Architecture consists of 3 sections: Architecture and Society; Architecture and Design; Architectural Engineering.

DESIGN TEAM FOR URBAN PROJECTS (M. Smets) Reappropriation of urban voids (industrial fringes, abandoned areas, outworn infrastructures): urban design, mobility studies and project management. Case-studies for Leuven (B) (Railway area - surroundings inner dock- academic hospital, site); Rouen (F) (former harbour site); Genova (I) (former steel plant - surroundings airport); Antwerp (B) (surroundings TGV-Tailwy Station) PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT (L. Albrechts) Interrelation between spatial organisation, societal structure and mobility, research and design related to central and regional planning problems, structure plans (central and provincial level), urban networks, impact analyses, models for enhancing public involvements, roles of planning and planners. HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE (K. De Jonge, L. Verpoest) * History of architecture in the Low Countries (1450-1700) within a European context; * 18th century architecture in the Low Countries and its relation with France; * Engineering in Belgium (1750-1830); * The history of the Gothic Revival Movement in Belgium (architecture and society) before 1914; * Conservation of Modern Movement architecture in Belgium, 1918- 1958. ARCHITECTURAL THEORY (A. Loeckx, H. Heynen, J. Schreurs, B. De Meulder) * Modernity, tradition and contemporary urbanity. * Theoretical reflection on the post-industrial condition and its effects on the city and on architecture. * Fieldwork- and project-based approach focussing on urban analysis and morphotypology (housing, nex urban typologies, urban tissues). * Anthropology of urban dwelling practices. * Colonial architecture and planning in Belgian Congo. CAAD  & DESIGN METHODOLOGY (H. Neuckermans) * Software development for CAAD in the early stage of decision: object-oriented modelling; daylight and sunshine design; case-based reasoning; speech-interface for CAAD. * Digital modelling of the built environment a.o. digital historical reconstruction of the city centre of Leuven from 1400 till today. COST MODELLING OF BUILDINGS (F. De troyer) * Cost models for the early design stages; * Life cycle costing; * Investment evaluation; * Quality evaluation and specifications. HEALTH FACILITIES DESIGN (J. Delrue) * Hospitals for the Third World; * Hospitals for China; * The hospital for the next decade; * Pre-engineering in hospitals. ARCHITECTURE FOR AGING (J. Delrue) * Life-time housing; * New housing typology for the aged. RATIONALISATION OF CONSTRUCTION (J. Delrue, F. De Troyer) * Open system building; * Modular dimensional coordination.

Keywords:Urban renovation, Traffic organization, Urban design, Railway yard development, Waterfront development, Industrial reconversion
Disciplines:Public health care, Historical theory and methodology, Urban and regional design, development and planning, Architectural engineering, Architecture, Interior architecture, Architectural design, Art studies and sciences