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Computational Sensing Systems (CoSenS)

Research Group

Main organisation:Engineering Technology
Lifecycle:1 Jan 2018  →  Today
Organisation profile:The CoSenS Computational Sensing Systems research group focuses on application specific dedicated hardware architectures and systems for computational intensive applications. The application area is in sensing systems, such as high-resolution, high frame rate and/or ultra low latency cameras and this for applications in real-time depth vision, image processing, 3 to 6 degrees of freedom position measurements and object recognition. Applications are in multi-camera video and vision, medical, automotive, robotics, haptic systems and camera based deep-learning. By the directly implementation of computationally complex algorithms in System-on-Chip hardware, computationally intensive problems can be realized and implemented, enabling high frame rate, ultra low latency and low power solutions which can otherwise not be realized as such in regular programmable computer architectures based on CPUs and GPUs alone.
Keywords:Application Specific hardware, Artificial Intelligence, Camera Systems, Computer Vision, FPGA, Haptic Systems, Hardware Architectures, Hardware/Software, Machine Learning, Multi-Camera Hardware, Sensor Systems, Smart Cameras, Smart Systems, System-on-Chip
Disciplines:Artificial intelligence, Visual computing, Electronics, Multimedia processing, Computer hardware