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Computational and Applied Mathematics Programme

Research Group

Main organisation:Research Council
Lifecycle:1 Jan 2007  →  Today
Organisation profile:

1) mathematical and computational physics -study of sparse representations of functions -application to inverse problems (L1-penalization) -regularization methods for linear ill-posed problems -stability of inverse problems -design of fast reconstruction algorithms 2) Inverse problems in imaging and image processing -tomographic image reconstruction in nuclear medicine -related problems in applied mathematics -2D or 3D tomographic image reconstruction from incomplete data, such as in computer tomography (CT) 3) Design of new geometrical representations for images and video -study of geometrical basis functions related to scalable image compression -design of geometrical decompositions for video representation -design of scalable robust video codecs -compression 4) non-linear ill-posed inverse problems -Cauchy problem for elliptic partial differential equations -application to electrical impedance tomography 5) Finite group theory, incidence geometry, error correcting codes, connection with graph theory

Keywords:Discrete mathematics, Image Processing
Disciplines:Signal processing, Multimedia processing, Scientific computing