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Comparative, Historical and Applied Linguistics, Leuven

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Dec 2005 →  Today
Organisation profile:

Comparative Research, Historical and Applied Linguistics, Leuven

Dir. P. Swiggers

Research (and teaching) focusing on:

(1) historical, comparative, ciontrastive-typological linguistics of the Romance languages and the two classical languages Greek and Latin

(2) the relation between syntax and information structure in the Romance languages

(3) the historiography and metahistoriography of linguistics

CoHistAL Leuven houses the CHL, the Center for the Historiography of Linguistics

Keywords:Linguistics, Historical-comparative linguistics, Contrastive-typological linguistics, Historiography of Linguistics, Romance and Classical Languages
Disciplines:Linguistics, Theory and methodology of linguistics, Other languages and literary studies, Language studies, Literary studies