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Chromatographic Organic Trace Analysis (T_COS)

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Oct 2003  →  30 Sep 2013
Organisation profile:The research group develops and tests polymer coatings for use in sensors. These electrode coatings are used in potentiometric HPLC and CE detectors for the determination of organic products and more recently, for measurements in batch. The materials for the coatings are obtained from Flemish and foreign laboratories (UGent, Gdansk University, Warsaw university and our own Chemistry Dept.). These materials are specially designed ionically conducting polymers and (to a lower extent) electronically conducting polymers. Receptor molecules are incorporated in these coatings. These new materials are adapted to the needs of the user, sometimes via organic synthetic methods ("materials design"). Physico-chemical models and computational methods (Molecular Mechanics) are used to predict their behaviour. They are developed and tested to be used for the sensitive determination of (bio)organic substances in complex biological matrices. Recent applications are done with the pharmaceutical industry.
Disciplines:Analytical chemistry, Process engineering, Polymeric materials, Pharmaceutical analysis and quality assurance