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Centre for the Study of Social Structures and Economic Trends

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970  →  31 Dec 1999
Organisation profile:

Topic A: Changing Labour Relations in Western Europe (Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Times) (H. Soly, C. Lis)- - The aim is to throw light on historical variations in the growth of capitalistic labour relations. The comparative and long-term approach is designed to offer explanations on different levels of integration - - Processes of proletarianizing in early modern Europe- - Industrial disputes in Western Europe, 17th and 18th century- - The place occupied by guilds in economic life in Brabant and Flanders- -Topic B: Urban Industries in the Southern Netherlands 1700-1830 (H. Soly, C. Lis)- - The Industrial Revolution and the factory system are placed in the historical perspective of the long genesis of industry. The analysis concentrates on changes in the interrelatedness of industrial production as wel as in the range, type and availabilty of industrial goods - - Restructuring the urban textile industries in Brabant and Flanders, 1750-1830- - The economic and social profileof early industrial entrepreneurs in Brabant and Flanders, 1750-1830@Topic C: The crisis of the old regime and the survival strategies of the labouring poor (H. Soly, C. Lis)- - The aim is to explain how global processes of transformation interact with individuals' perceptions, and thus to show how structure and actions interrelate - - Private confinement in the Austrian Netherlands

Keywords:Labour, Entrepreneurs, Guilds, Textiles, Economic History, Social History, Proletarianizing, Industry
Disciplines:Information and computing sciences, History and archaeology, Economics and business