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Centre for Political Research

Research Unit

Main organisation:Faculty of Social Sciences
Lifecycle:1 Jul 1977 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The members of the Center for Political Research focus on the central institutions and processes of decision-making, inherent in contemporary democracies. Therefore, four major domains are central in their research strategy: elections, political parties and social organisations, parliaments and governments. In the analyses and publications both structural and cultural determinants of the functioning of democracies and its patterns of decision-making are taken into consideration, as well as recent dynamic developments along with the analysis of their historic roots. In this respect the Belgian political system is a privileged domain of research, especially from the perspective of comparative research. Futher information: (URL:http://www.kuleuven.be/politicalresearch) www.kul euven.be/politicalresearch.

Keywords:Elections, Proportional respresentation, Powerdistribution, Political decision making, Elite, Political parties
Disciplines:Other economics and business, Citizenship, immigration and political inequality, International and comparative politics, Multilevel governance, National politics, Political behaviour, Political organisations and institutions, Political theory and methodology, Public administration, Other political science