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Centre for Molecular and Vascular Biology


Lifecycle:1 Oct 1985 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The Center for Molecular and Vascular Biology performs research related to the following topics:- Pathogenesis of thrombosis and bleeding. - Development of assays for the diagnosis of thrombosis and bleeding. – Signalling and transcription factor regulation in megakaryocytes and platelets. - Genetics for bleeding and thrombotic disorders. –(patho)physiology of megakaryopoiesis. – Role of transcription factors in endothelial heterogeneity. – Role of endothelial cells in disease (e.g. peripheral arterial disease, liver fibrosis, heart failure). – Role of transcription factors in cardiomyopathy. – The use of stem/progenitor cells in wound healing and lymphedema. – Activation of coagulation and the vascular biology of infectious diseases – Relation between vascular inflammation and activation of platelets and the coagulation system. -Vascular medicine and diseases.

Keywords:Thrombosis, Infectious endocarditis, Platelets, Megakaryocytes, Genetics, Vascular diseases, Wound healing, Peripheral arterial disease and Lymphedema, Coagulation, Bleeding, Endothelial cells, Platelet disorders
Disciplines:Cardiac and vascular medicine, Molecular and cell biology