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Centre for Literature and Culture-Science

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Jan 1970 →  31 Dec 1999
Organisation profile:

The Centre for Literary and Cultural Studies offers an interdisciplinary forum for specialists in literature, theatre, dance, and film, whether doctoral students, researchers, assistants and teaching staff. Through seminars, guest lectures, conferences, and publications advanced research is conducted across the boundaries of individual disciplines, critical methods, genres, cultures and languages. Past initiatives focussed on the novelist Saul Bellow, political theatre and emotionality, motifs in art and literature, cultural exchanges within Europe and between Europe and the USA, imagery and physicality in postmodernism (theater/novel). More recently CLIC members organized confernces on Ilse Aichinger, cultural diversiy in European literature for young people, Friederike Mayröcker, and The Wooster Group. Current research involves for instance the postmodern fusion of essay and novel in Dutch literature, as well as the autobiography in contemporary French and 19th and 20th century German speaking literature

Keywords:Interdisciplinarity, Intermediality, Theatre Studies, Cultural Studies, Literary Studies, Literature-Science
Disciplines:Languages and literary studies, Arts