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Centre for Literary and Intermedial Crossings

Research Group

Main organisation:Research Council
Lifecycle:1 Jan 2000 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The Centre for Literary and Intermedial Crossings brings together researchers in the field of literary, theatre and performance studies. CLIC offers scholars an interdisciplinary network to stimulate research along three key concepts: media, genres and spaces. MEDIA Literature, theatre and performance traditionally belong to specific medial systems. However, these systems often interact in hybrid, intermedial ways. Definitions of intermediality range from a broad view on crossings between distinct media such as literature and theatre, to a more specific focus on the incorporation of one medium in another (e.g. the use of images or documentary material in literary texts). Methodological issues, too, challenge both practitioners and scholars. GENRES The generic classification systems of literature and media, based on stylistic and structural features, are never neutral or ahistorical categories. They produce and communicate meaning, and also change over time, in response to specific socio-cultural but also political and economic contexts. Authors and artists often consciously renew, transgress or mix genre conventions, and thus influence the reception of literature and theatre. SPACES Space has become an ever more influential and highly diversified theoretical category - ranging from the urban space of modernism to the contact zone of postcolonial theory and the rhizomatic network of the megalopolis. Through imaginary topographies and theatrical scenographies, transnational and multilingual identities are negotiated and disputed, as are new forms of politically committed artistic production.

Keywords:documentary prose, multimedial poetics, exile and diaspora, historical stilistics, postcolonialism, gender performativity, rewritings, autofictionality, posthumanist subjectivity, new forms of authenticity, genetic studies, postclassical narratology, Brussels, feminism, anarchism, migration, genre theory, colonialism, theory of poetry, metatheatricality, urban culture, avant-garde, documentary theater, adaptations of literature to the screen and stage, play and experiment, intertextuality, narrative theatricality, text and visual arts
Disciplines:Theatre and performance, Literary studies