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Center for Applied Linguistics

Research Group

Lifecycle:1 Oct 2009 →  Today
Organisation profile:

The research group Centre for Applied Linguistics (CTL) carries out pluridisciplinary research. Important research domains of CTL are:
-          cross-cultural research (mainly verbal and non verbal communication)
-          communication needs and problems of specific populations (mainly business-oriented, possibly targeting a specific sector and/or job category)
-          semi-autonomous blended learning (effectiveness and efficiency of language education and didactic methods, in particular those including the use of ICT in support of semi-autonomous learning)

Keywords:applied linguistics, blended learning, communication needs, cross-cultural research, CALL, didactic software, dyslexia, e-learning, foreign languages, guided self-study, intercultural communication, intercultural differences and similarities, language didactics, LSP (Languages for specific purposes), reading, reading education, semi-autonomous learning, writing, country-of-origin effects in marketing communications, persuasion strategies in webcare, the effects of code-mixing in marketing communications, the effects of typos and language errors on the image of companies, the use of foreign languages in marketing communications
Disciplines:Education curriculum, Instructional sciences, Language studies, Linguistics