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Building Physics and Sustainable Design


Lifecycle:1 Aug 2020 →  Today
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The research of the laboratory focuses on heat and mass transfer in building parts, energy demand and energy use, durability of building materials, sound insulation, room acoustics and noise control in the built environment. * Performance assesment of building envelopes: highly insulated envelope parts, sound insulation of the facade. * VLIET K20 experimental building. * Active envelope systems. * Durability of building systems. * New methodology for performances assessment of renovated envelopes. * Low energy houses and buildings. * Sustainable contruction, energy efficiency and green house gas emissions. * Low frequency sound insulation. * Vibration transmission in the audio-frequency range. * Sound transmission modelling. * Modelling and auralization in room acoustics. * New didactical instruments in teaching acoustics.

Keywords:Sustainability, Building acoustics, Acoustics, Heat and mass transfer, Energy efficiency, Service life prediction
Disciplines:Structural engineering, Other civil and building engineering